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Looking for a more diversified approach with Alternative Investments and Private Equity?

Income Investment Strategies

Strategic PE Advisors, LLC (SPEA) is a Registered Investment Management Firm specializing in income producing portfolios. Our main focus is to allocate your funds into investments that pay interest, dividends, or alternative cash flow to constantly generate income in your portfolio, as well as capturing potential capital appreciation and hedging against market volatility.

Publicly Traded

Publicly Traded Bear and Bull Statues

In the publicly traded space, our investment philosophy is very simple: find good quality companies, at a good value, and exercise a long-term outlook. There are several factors that are taken into perspective when choosing stocks, to screen it down to a small group of stocks that we believe will be strong plays for a lasting portfolio. We also look for high quality growth and value companies.

Private Equity

Finger Pointing to Private Equity

We have been evaluating private equity investments since 2005.  Our due diligence process is specifically designed toward evaluating private equity type investments. We look for good quality companies with good value that can provide a strong stable income and cash flow.  Some important considerations in evaluating private equity investments are but not limited to: mitigating risk, leverage, expenses, quality managers, cash flow, liquidity, sustainability, exit strategies, diversification, structure and financials.

Options Strategies

Graph of Option Strategies

The final factor in stock choice would pertain to those interested in supplemental income on their stock portfolio; covered call options. We would use all of the above factors in choosing the stocks, and then only use the stocks that have an option chain. For the calls, we would sell out one to two months, and a couple of strikes out of the money. This way any time that we get an exercise, the stock will be sold at a profit, in addition to the option premium collected.